As a landlord, everyday:

I spend a lot of time organizing all the information

I use different tools, spreadsheets or notebooks to keep track of my portfolio and I need to consult different sources to remember lease details, tenant information and the availability of each of my properties.

My tenants use different payment methods

I have to coordinate rent collection each month with my tenants. I call them, message them, insist by email or even go personally to the apartment to collect the money. Sometimes they are late, or use different payment methods.

I don’t have a global view of my rental portfolio

Are all my properties occupied? Is my business profitable? What was the most profitable month of the year?.

What does Dreyhub do for me?

Save time: A centralised hub for your rental portfolio

Dreyhub centralises your current systems and gives you access to everything you need in the one tool. That’s right - all your information in one place.

Collect Payments & Track Expenses

Each month we’ll remind your tenants and send them a secure link where they can make their payment online. We track which tenants have paid and which ones are still owing, whilst also showing you upcoming vacancies in your properties.

Complete Suite of Reports

Our custom-made dashboard gives you a birds eye view of the health of your portfolio. Occupancy and revenue reports are at your fingertips and all the information is downloadable in a spreadsheet in case you want to export it to other programs.