As a landlord, collecting your monthly rent is not always easy:

Tenants forget to pay

You are forced to call them, send an email, or even visit the property in person to collect the money.

Tenants pay in cash

You arrange to meet, but sometimes they are late, and you can’t pay your money into the bank until the next day.

Who has paid?

At the beginning of each month, you need to check that everyone has paid the correct amount of money into the correct account. With a property management software, this can be done in an easier way and in less time.

How does a property management software work?

Create a lease:

Just complete a few fields to create a lease. Don’t forget to enter the tenant’s email – we need it to send them the payment link.

Monthly payment email:

At the start of each month, Dreyhub sends an email to your tenant, with a link they can use to make their payment.

Payment process:

The tenant clicks the link, enters their credit card details and pays. As easy as that.

Easy money:

The money is paid straight into your bank account. With no fuss and no hassle.

The tenant can easily make the payment without the need of opening a local bank account. Moreover, he can forward the mail with the payment link to his parents.

Everything under control:

Your dashboard will tell you who has paid. And if a tenant is late with their monthly payment, Dreyhub will send them a reminder.